Hi, I’m Bea and I’m a 20-something living in sunny Southern California. Graduated from the University of the Philippines with a degree in Biochemistry. Quite unsure yet what to do with my life but that’s what the 20’s are for, right? My free time consists of reading anything and everything mildly interesting (from classic novels to Vox articles), video games, browsing Reddit endlessly, music that induces strong feelings, introspection, regular doses of nature and adventure, self-care, spicy food, binging on TV shows, quality time with loved ones, and tons of chilling out and/or being cosy.

This blog serves as a platform for me to talk about anything I want to talk about since sometimes Twitter’s 140-character limit just isn’t enough to share life’s delights and nuances. Also, I like learning about people through their blogs so why not show my personality through a blog as well! I’m not that interesting but I’m sort of okay, I guess?

Let’s get in touch! twitter // pinterest // bloglovin

email: beaparcutela@gmail.com

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