Cruise Trip (3/3)

The last day of the cruise was just at sea and I remember being so bummed because I didn’t want to go back to the real world (where Trump won as president and the Marcos burial at the Libingan ng mga Bayani was happening). Instead of moping around, my cousins and I made every moment in the cruise matter by eating so much food (still surprised why I didn’t become a giant ball of food during these days), relaxing by the pool with a view of the sea, and wall climbing! Okay so we climbed for less than 10 minutes but we were too unfit for this.

The last performance at the theater was magical! They had this orchestra that played the Star Wars theme and I seriously had goosebumps. Also the 4 lead performers sang The Beatles songs (look at their costumes! Beautiful!) and the music for the whole night just filled me with joy. Their voices were eargasmic, the Filipino singer (the one in green) was the best performer for the whole cruise and the other guy fucking looks like Adam Levine. I bet he sings better than Adam but who am I to judge.

After the final performance, there was a street party and being the party animals that me and my cousins are, we joined in! It felt weird for us because it was like we were the youngest ones partying it up and looking cray but what the hell it was incredibly fun. 10/10! The cruise director was amazing at entertaining everyone!

The next day, we disembarked and spent our last day of the trip exploring Singapore. I am still at awe at the city’s cleanliness and its beautiful skyline.

We headed to the Orchard and went up the ION sky to have a better look of Singapore from 50+ stories high. The deck has a restaurant and entrance is free as well.

After that, we strolled around some more and boarded the train to see the Merlion and all the architectural magnificence around it. Quite touristy, yeah, but the place is just so modern and elegant and you can just see how much time and effort were put into building all those!

We spent the rest of the day there and went to the botanical garden to see some supertrees with pretty lights. The lights danced to Christmas songs which was cute but we were all exhausted by this time so excitement levels were pretty low.

That’s it for all my photos and stories from our cruise trip! Definitely one for the books. While this kind of trip is quite pricey and I would’ve never been able to go on one if my parents didn’t pay for it, all those expenses were worth it for a few days away at sea. I was totally calm, energized and filled with happy memories by the time we disembarked. I’m putting going on a cruise on my travel goals as long as I’m the one paying for it next time, yup.

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