Cruise Trip (2/3)

Day 2 of the cruise was at Port Klang, Malaysia. We didn’t leave the ship during this day because the tours were quite overpriced plus the limited time on the shore wasn’t worth it since Kuala Lumpur was an hour or so away from the port. So instead we just chilled around the ship and explored all the activities we could do!

We started the day with a morning workout which made me feel light-headed tbh since I haven’t exercised at all in months. I was able to feel much better after a short steam room + jacuzzi sesh at the gym. Totally in love with the acoustics in the steam room! Ann and I enjoyed singing our hearts out since we were the only ones there.

Mid-morning, we headed into the skating rink (a ship that has a skating rink inside! What the hell!) and I skated.. For the first time. I know how to rollerskate but I’ve always been afraid of the shoes used for ice skating. I imagine myself getting slashed by the blades for some reason. But! I overcame my fear and learned how to skate on ice! Fun times! My knees were literally shaking when this picture was being taken.

Then the rest of the day were spent at the cafe people-watching while drinking coffee, chilling out at the lounge, and eating all the food we could digest.

There was a fancy dinner when nighttime came and we were able to meet the captain. Really funny experience since the captain seemed so awkward. I kind of felt bad for him after that. Another funny experience was our struggle to find nightlife in the cruise! The ship had a number of bars and lounges where it would be nice to just jam to music but all of those place were filled with middle-aged people and bad music. We seriously spent the rest of the night just going around looking for the best place.

The next day was probably the best part of the cruise trip, though, since we stopped over at Patong Beach in Phuket, Thailand. Phuket is one big island and Patong Beach is known for its nightlife but we weren’t able to party really since the ship leaves in the afternoon. Nevertheless, we still had a great time. (Especially Ann and I haha) The beach didn’t have a port large enough for the bigass cruise so we had to take ferries first.

I was stupid enough to forget my towel and a change of clothes so we had to look around for cheap clothes first. Fortunately, the baywalk had tons of shops and stalls. Lots of tourists, too. After buying a really cute and cheap dress, we rented two spots for us to sunbathe.

Now, since the beach is such a touristy place, I totally enjoyed people-watching while marveling at the mountains and the blue water. My cousin and I simply just laid there in the sun with cold Thai beer and went for a short dip in the sea before heading back to the ship.I was so sad to leave but now I’m excited to visit Thailand again!

By nighttime, we did our usual thing which was going around the cruise and hanging out at different places and stuffing ourselves with food. We then watched a Dreamworks-themed parade at the promenade and were able to meet fellow Filipinos who were part of the parade. (Lots of Filipinos work at the ship, btw, which felt great because they’re so hospitable and kind!)

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