Cruise Trip (1/3)

Last November, my family and I went to Singapore for a 4-day cruise. We arrived there a day before the cruise’s departure so we thought we could spend the rest of the day at Universal Studios.

The park wasn’t really packed that day but we already arrived past noon so we only had a limited time to really enjoy all the attractions we wanted to go to. Good thing is that the lines weren’t crazy long so we were actually able to make the most of our day there. Btw, I really missed riding Singapore’s train system because it’s just so damn efficient. I would love to live in a city with an amazing mass transport system like in that country. 10/10!

Singapore’s Universal Studios has more thrill rides than the one in Hollywood but there are less shows there which I am not complaining about. We totally enjoyed all the thrill rides as we got fried under the hot humid Singapore weather. The rollercoasters got us cool in a way, I guess?

While Singapore’s trains may be efficient, our sense of direction while walking back to the hostel wasn’t. We stayed at Mithra Inn near Little India which is near the MRT station but we somehow got lost for an hour trying to find our way back? Getting lost was fun but our feet hated us for it.

The next day we left the hostel early to head for the pier. The city happily greeted us with gray skies and rain. The cruise was with Royal Caribbean with their Mariner of the Seas ship. The whole ship is huge and there were tons of food! We were able to board in the afternoon and after feeding us our late lunch, we were allowed to take a tour around this big-ass ship.

The parts of the ship that I appreciated the most were the swimming pool deck, dining area (because of their free all-day buffet, obviously), the spa (which included a gym, jacuzzi, steam room, and sauna room), the cafe that’s open 24hrs, this lounge we frequently hung out at, and the theater where they had shows every night of the cruise.

After a really tasty dinner that was a bit too fancy for my own good, we spent the rest of the night just going around the whole ship, eating sooo many food and hanging out. I spent a lot of time with my cousin Lord Ann during this trip which made the whole cruise a hundred times better. We had no connection to the outside world since there’s no cell service for us and also no internet so I really appreciated the moments without having to think about what to post or reading about shitty news.

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