Saying Bye-bye

Here’s to the people who have made last year bearable and actually fucking amazing. One of my last weekends in the Philippines was spent with these amazing people at Club Balai Isabel. We basically just spent our time swimming, eating, catching up and drinking the night away. Being the grandma that I am I actually slept too early but I still had the greatest time thanks to the greatest friends ever!

I’m just realizing how long it will be until I see these bunch of people again so yep I’m missing them tons. Good thing the internet exists and it’s so easy to get in touch with them but man I’m looking forward to seeing them again and just seeing how much everybody has grown as a person!

Right now, my days are spent applying to countless job positions hoping to get a callback from even just one of them. The job market sucks you guys but I know I can manage. How’s your January going for you? I’ve got a bunch of travel blogs lined up for the following weeks! Please watch out for them since I’m trying to make it a resolution to post more in this blog (if you know me, don’t completely count on this).

Do great things!


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