2016 Recap

It’s the first day of 2017 and I just started reminiscing all that has happened last year. 2016 was really something, don’t we all agree? All those shit news everywhere, all those deaths, and because of all these we tend to forget that good things did happen. Now, being aware of political, social and economical situations is essential in learning more from the world and this awareness leads to seeing and realizing the fucked up shit the people are experiencing but seeing the bright side is totally important as well. Seeing the bad must make us learn from it and appreciate the good more. Certain aspects of my life were crappy last year but I also had really great moments as well. Here’s how my year went!

  • I graduated from college. (finally!) While I was happy that I finally got through it, I felt painful pangs of regret right after realizing that I could’ve done better in school instead of being a lazy potato. But I was on cloud 9 to graduate with the best people! (We really did stick together, didn’t we? Haha)
  • There were certain months where in I have literally no idea what to do for my career. Aside from finishing college and the chemist board exam, my career is at a stand-still with no guarantee of what’s next for it. I’m still working this out now that I’ve moved and the job market is cruel but I’ll get there, I swear
  • Oh right! I passed the board exam! I couldn’t believe it at first but I did it. Haha, I also had regrets for this one. What the hell.
  • The reviews leading up to the exam, though, helped with shaping up my habits.
  • Studied for a licensure exam that was so far from Biochemistry, failed to take said exam, took up a short part-time, and other really confusing life decisions
  • Visited California for a month and went to fun places with Xed! We went biking at the beach, hiking near my neighborhood, visited cute places and just did the usual casual hangout
  • The family reunion plus my brother’s church wedding was the best part of my June. It was rainy and I got sick after that weekend but it was all worth it. I just enjoyed being with extended family and relaxing with Xed and us being all glammed up for the wedding.
  • Hung out more with high school friends. Man, I love those people. Our outings and inumans totally made my year. I have no words!
  • Went on a cruise with my family for the first time! Spent a lot of time with Lord Ann and my other cousins and those days were filled with a ton of food and a ton of relaxing. Note-to-self: return to Thailand and Singapore as soon as possible
  • Overnights and spending time with the best college friends! These people live hours away and they got busy with their jobs and yet still they made time. You guys are fucking keepers.
  • Spent four days in Ilocos and had such a great experience. Vigan was bustling with tourists while Laoag was quiet and peaceful and the contrasts of the two places made me appreciate the North more. Additional note-to-self: travel to other parts of the Philippines in the future
  • My little despedida with the people I love really warmed my heart the most. I couldn’t have survived the year without them.
  • Oh, and this December, I moved to California! This move was so overdue but I finally did it. The last weeks of December were spent leisurely since my Tita’s family spent their vacation here. After Christmas, Xed came over and joined the family trip to Grand Canyon and Las Vegas. What a great way to end this year!
  • Aaaand all those other little moments that weren’t “highlight-worthy” but were still important and greatly cherished by me

I don’t really have specific resolutions for this new year (or maybe I haven’t thought of listing them down yet?) but the gist of it is to appreciate what I have more, spend more energy on the things that matterwork hard for my goals, and nurture healthy relationships. Have a great year! Stay strong and remain hopeful!


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