This set of pictures were taken in June during the weekend of my brother’s wedding! It was such a refreshing weekend spent with family and it was definitely one of the best parts of this year. Life was kind of stressing me out at that time but I was really glad that I had the best people with me. The wedding day was amazing and there were tons of food all weekend but my favorite part of it all was probably the time Xed and I spent just walking around the resort. Balai Isabel is a family favorite and I usually go there at least once a year and yet I never get tired of it. There’s just so much nature and quiet spots to hang out at and the whole place is filled with memories. I can’t wait to go back there next week for the last time this year and just chill out under the sun, go for a swim and roam around its green spaces.

Right now, my days are usually spent in our family business’ office. I’ve been keeping myself busy and helping out here and there but other than that my life’s been pretty much stagnant and calm. I’m not complaining, though, since I’m still working for my goals and I just traveled last week and will be traveling this weekend. (posting about all these soon!) How are you? Are you excited for the Christmas season? Is the current political situation stressing you out? Do you want to talk about it? (I sort of do.) Or do you just want to get away from it all even for just a little while? Haha, same.

Do great things!


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