Southern California (2/2)

Welcome to part 2 of my SoCal trip! This one’s centered around my birthday week which was a great time if I may say since I can basically get everything that I want! Kidding. But I did demand my family to come with me to Rancho Sta. Ana Botanical Garden. It was a hot day and our family is not the biggest fan of walking around so I appreciated it a lot when they agreed to accompany me.

The botanical garden is in Claremont, CA and it’s filled with wild plants and trees and flowers that are native to the arid environment of Southern California. The place is really quiet and the entrance fee didn’t cost much so it felt nice to just hang around and be in nature with all the greenery brought by the spring season.

During my actual birthday, the whole family went to Universal Studios to feel like kids and to visit Hogwarts, of course. We didn’t actually know that it was open when we went there so we were so surprised that we spent a good amount of time just exploring the new place. I was wearing a free birthday pin that day which led to the staff greeting me every time they see the pin. It definitely made me feel awkward but we have a good laugh when it happens.

The day after my birthday lunch, Xed and I went hiking together for the first time. We’re not really fit people so we were huffing and panting halfway through the trail. (which is not even challenging to begin with, we’re just really unfit) The view at the top was worth it, though. I can’t wait till I hike some more in LA! This first one definitely sparked my interest even if it was a really tough cardio workout.

The next day, we explored this Hindu temple near where we live which I saw while scrolling through Yelp. (weird place to discover a beautiful temple? y/n?) The architecture was definitely intriguing and they have a store filled with Indian food which was definitely on top of my food-to-try list!

And that’s it for my SoCal trip! It didn’t feel like it was a month long because I spent my days studying and doing chores and going shopping with my Mom but nevertheless, I had a great time and it was nice to take a break once in a while.

I still have a few more posts from summer and I can’t wait to tell you about those! My summer of 2016 was absolutely great. But for now, I shall further immerse myself in my books. I’m not complaining, though! I actually enjoy this, haha.

Do great things!


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