Southern California (1/2)

To continue the series of posts that I should have made months ago in this blog, here is part 1 of my month-long stay in Southern California! It all started with me packing my suitcase and my sneaky cat trying to come with me.

It has only been ~2 months since I last saw my  nephew and he has already grown so much! He loved hanging out with me in my room in the mornings while his parents were busy.

Xed and I were away from each other for more than a month since he went to LA earlier than I did so seeing each other again was a top priority! We went to the beach near where they live and went biking by the sea and just enjoyed the LA sunset. I spent the whole day with his family and had tons of fun just hanging out with them. There’s just something refreshing about hanging out with other Filipino families when I’m abroad. Am I the only one who feels that way?

My mom has been wanting to visit the flower fields in Carlsbad for so long and so we went and admired all the colors! The place is open only during spring because that’s when the flowers bloom (duh, haha). It was quite crowded when especially since it was a weekend when we went but the whole place was so cute and everywhere was Instagram-worthy.

And that’s it for the 1st part of my US trip! Stay tuned for the next one! Right now, (and until next week) I’m cracking down for my chemist licensure exam. Typing that sentence just sent jitters all over my body because the exam is just a week away! Can you feel my panic and anxiety?? I’m trying my best to prepare for the exam and to stay optimistic about everything. Hopefully, all goes well!

Do great things!


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