Life Lately (August 2016)

Processed with VSCO with m3 preset Processed with VSCO with m3 preset

This has been my life lately for the past 2 months. I’m currently preparing for my board exam this October so I’ve been spending all of my time and energy on studying (and getting myself out of bed on some days). 

My waking hours isn’t just pure study, though. I’ve been hanging out for a few hours with good friends at least every other week. You know I gotta keep that sanity intact. Also, I’ve been hanging out a lot in Reddit in my effort to avoid the negativity and FOMO perpetually emanating from my social media feeds. It’s been a good alternative instead of mindlessly scrolling filling my brain with useless content. What else has been happening? That’s pretty much it! My exam is in 3 weeks (holy crap!) so wish me luck on that. After that exam, I’m giving myself a break to let loose that’s for sure.

Links that have blessed my browser as of late:

  • This guy’s productivity guide has been my go-to whenever I need a little bit of motivation and a heaping amount of discipline.
  • I’m currently intrigued on the concept of socialism so this has been really useful when I have enough free time. It’s a raw text file I found on Reddit filled with links to YouTube videos discussing the various concepts surrounding socialism like Anarchism and Marxism.
  • A bunch of YouTubers have been branching out to the blogging world and I love it! One of my faves, Kailee Mckenzie, has just started her own at and it looks as fashionable as her style and as chill as her personality.
  • A bit of old but I find this one while procrastinating. It’s a bit of ironic that I like reading productivity articles while slacking off.

How have you guys been doing? I can’t believe it’s September already! It’s basically Christmas season here in the Philippines. Crazy how time flies.

Have an awesome day and do great things!


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