Puerto Princesa, Palawan (2/2)

The 2nd day in Puerto Princesa was spent lounging around the hotel while the others were busy preparing for a presentation in this convention that we were attending. Technically, we’re part of the convention but we’re really not. We basically just tagged along so that we can join the trip and the tours and the food and whatnot. So while the people were busy and my cousins were chilling out, Xed and I had our theses to worry about. We were on our final stages of completing our manuscripts and the fact that we were on vacation less than a month before our deadlines was quite disturbing. And so, we dedicated one whole day for panicking and getting some work done.


Here’s what our 3rd day in Palawan looked like! The whole day was dedicated for our tour of the Underground River which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The drive to the port from our hotel was long and it honestly gave me motion sickness but it was all worth it. We arrived at the port and I’ve got to say that it was a very tourist-y place. A lot of vendors selling their trinkets and many restaurants to eat at while you wait for your boat. We ate at one of these restaurants which served delicious homemade food and Xed, my cousins and I dared ourselves to eat this delicacy that they have which is basically a live worm of some sort swimming in a bowl of vinegar. It didn’t have the best taste but it was definitely an interesting experience.

I honestly love the fact that the sub-terranean river has the World Heritage site title that it has right now. It just gave a big opportunity for the locals at the area to make a living from the place’s natural beauty. Also, it’s clear that the place gets enough funding for it to be properly maintained despite the fact that tens and hundreds of tourists come in and out every single day. (It was rainy the day we went there and there were still a lot of people!) I couldn’t help it but I had a tear in my eye during the tour because of how beautiful the place is. The fact that it was all done by nature amazes me. Nature didn’t plan for it to become that way but it did and it’s so incredible. I’m a bit disappointed in myself because I didn’t take good pictures since it was so dark and flash photography wasn’t allowed but I’ve got the memories of the place that will never leave my heart.

After a bumpy boat ride due to the incoming storm and an equally bumpy car ride back to the city, we transferred from our hotel to a cute bed and breakfast place. We then rested for a bit before going out to eat and enjoy our last night in Puerto Princesa.

That’s it for my Palawan posts! It took me 8 months to finally post about this trip because I’m a lazy blogger. Hope you enjoyed this and inspired you to travel to Palawan as well! The province is a big island and Puerto Princesa is only a small part of it. I’m pretty sure I’ll be coming back to explore the other parts of the island like El Nido and Coron. Watch out for that in the future! Anyway, have an awesome day and do great things!


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