Puerto Princesa, Palawan (1/2)

After 6 months, I finally got around to posting some of the pictures during our Palawan trip! For our first day there, we checked in at Aziza Hotel, tidied ourselves up and immediately left for our island hopping activities. Being in the middle of the sea definitely felt great despite my fear of drowning. We went snorkeling, met schools of fish, swam in the salty water, laid in the sand and ate yummy seafood! It’s a good thing that we went there on a December since the temperature was warm but not hot enough to burn us alive. We went home in the afternoon and prepared ourselves for a party. But instead of mingling and participating, we (my cousin, boyfriend and I) hung out on the beach and took a nap. Hah, typical.

My first day in Palawan was great! There was great food, great company and the nature was unbelievable. I’m always seeing the pollution and stress in Metro Manila so being away from all those was incredibly relaxing. Stay tuned for day 2!

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