Life Lately

I can’t believe it’s been 2 months since the last time I posted but once again I am trying to get back into blogging. I honestly missed blogging back when I was in high school except for the overly dramatic posts about teenage problems and my bad English. Back then, blogging felt like writing on my diary but now I am a big worrier of what people might say about me if I start sharing too much. Which is not entirely a bad thing, by the way.

Here’s what’s happened for the past months:

  • I was supposed to take this licensure exam for real estate brokers but that didn’t work out so I took a part-time job where I met some good people.
  • I spent a month in California and just relaxed like a normal person would do on a vacation. I had quality time with my parents and went on a few adventures as well! I’ll blog about those soon after I finish my Palawan post.
  • Hung out a ton with my high school friends after coming home to Manila. It feels so good to be reunited with them since I wasn’t able to during my college years.
  • Said goodbye to our friend who left for San Francisco this May. It was sad to see her leave but I’m a bit excited as well since I’ll have a friend to visit when I go to the Bay Area in the future.
  • The past months have been very confusing for Bea in terms of career plans. Hopefully, I figure it all out and all goes well.
  • Review classes for the Chemist licensure exam will start this Saturday! Not excited about it but I miss going to classes so maybe it’s okay ?? Hehe??

So that’s kind of a gist of my life lately. It’s not as eventful as I want it to be but I’m happy, I guess. How about you? How’s life going for you?

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